Health Tip Tuesday! What are some things to do for self-care? Listen in to find out!

One of the things I think is the most important to prioritize is self-care. Self-care helps us refuel/rejuvenate, improves self-esteem and confidence. which is the practice of taking a deliberate action to preserve or improve our physical, emotional, and mental health. It is a way to take some time and stop to listen to what you are feeling, what your body is feeling, and to slow down and to become in touch with you. What are some things you can start to do TODAY to start taking care of yourself?
Self-care Ideas:
Get enough sleep and rest to help rejuvenate and center yourself.
Start moving – start with a simple walk around the corner.
Eat foods that nourish you and calm your cravings.
Become in tune with your breathing, meditation.
Put away your phone at night to spend time with yourself or family.
Schedule self-care and stick to it. This will make you more likely to follow through and keep the commitment to yourself.
Stop saying yes to the things you don’t want to do or don’t have to do in this season.
Set boundaries and stick to them. This may be especially important for boundary breakers.
Spend time doing something you love.
Ask for help when you need to unload your burden.
Spend time with yourself – this could be meditating or journaling.
Learn your stressors and how to manage them.
Listen to music, your favorite podcast, or audio book.
Keep important doctor’s appointments.
Think about traveling.
Clean and declutter your home. If this is too hard, hire someone to help you.
Create a vision board for what you want to achieve in your future.
Study something new – a new course or a language you have been meaning to learn.
Write down your favorite affirmations to repeat often especially when you have a bad day.
Keep a daily gratitude journal.
Seek help from a mental health professional.
All these examples are a form of self – care. Your idea of self-care may not be listed here. It’s important to take some time to reconnect to yourself so that you can learn to discover what you need right now. Self-care and changing your behavior are not an impossibility. It requires a small, consistent change practiced consistently so that you can achieve your bigger goal of what you want. It’s not about being perfect it’ about being 1% better each day.

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