Meet Tricia

I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) who has been practicing nutrition education for over 12 years. I’ve counseled and led weight loss support groups and empowered others to achieve their weight loss goals. Soon after my son was born, I lost that sense of empowerment and making my health a priority.  I found myself trying to lose the baby weight while juggling a full time job, being a new mom, and having an injury that prevented me from being able to exercise.

As you can imagine, I felt super frustrated as “I knew what to do” but I just couldn’t seem to be able to do it. I just couldn’t lose the weight despite all of my knowledge. I remained in my maternity clothes for almost two years post baby. My body had changed so much during the pregnancy and subsequent period of inactivity that I dreaded going shopping and looking for bigger clothes. Tired of making excuses and putting myself last, I decided that I needed to be accountable for everything I ate, every time I decided to NOT focus on my health.

 These were all choices that I was making, even if unconsciously. I put together this program to help you learn some new skills, gain accountability, and empower you to achieve your health goals. You have one life and deserve to live it in a body you are comfortable with.


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