Episode Title: Health Tip Tuesday – Making the decision to practice self-care. Are you ready?

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Hey ladies, welcome back to the show. Today in our health tip Tuesday we are just going to down a little bit when it comes to the decisions that we make, when it comes to self-care, we are in the middle of her self-care series. We’re actually ending it on the next episode. So I wanted to break down the decisions that we probably don’t actively make. It’s probably kind of in the backroom or our mind when we talk about deciding if we’re going to make soft care or any new routine, a priority in our lives. But before we start the episode, I want to remind you that if you want to connect with me, I have a small Facebook group that I’m growing. It’s relatively new. It’s called the health, whole health empowerment project on Facebook. It’s completely free. It is meant for, you know, busy, crazy women who want to make how the changes, and maybe you are lacking the motivation, not really sure how to get started, or if you just want to connect with me and ask me nutrition questions, you can join that group. I tried to go live a few times a month and I’m hoping that will become more frequent as the group grows. And even as I, as it becomes more of a routine with me. So, hop on over, I’d love to see you there and connect with you there.

Talk about self-care, which we’ve been talking about, I think the last four episodes, today’s the fifth episode, and then we’ll have one more episode this week and then we’ll be done with self-care. I took a long time talking about self-care because of the devastation in my life of not taking care of myself. And I know that a lot of you are doing the same thing. We are in this burnout culture and we go and we go and we go. And so it seems when we’re in that cycle, very difficult to stop it and to really reset and to focus on what can bring us joy and what can bring us contentment. So, in our health tip Tuesday, I want to briefly talk about, you know the behavior of self-care and this in this model can be used for any health-related change. But today for today’s purposes, because we’re in a self-care series, we’re going to talk about self-care and how to increase it.

When we’re talking about self-care, it’s just, I want to talk about, about the behavior of it, right? So, the decision-making process that we all are making, when we decide if we want to do self-care today, or if we’d rather wait until another day and either are fine. I mean, obviously I would love you to start self-care today, but I want you to just start thinking about it because maybe that will plant the seeds for it to be more important to you as you move forward in your life. So I want to have you really think about this, of the positives and negatives of changing your behavior. Well, first we’ll talk about the positives and negatives of not changing your behavior. And then we’ll talk about the positives of actually making the change and seeing what happens. And so, when we talk about self-care, what are the positives of not making any change?

So what are the positives, if you keep doing the same thing that you’re doing right now? Okay. I would think it’s probably that you continue life as it is. There’s no real change. You don’t have to worry about taking the time to make the change. You already know the craziness is there and you don’t have to do anything different. Right? And the other positive of just keeping going where you’re at right now would be that you can just maintain the same habits. So whatever you’re doing right now, you just continue it over and over again with no end in sight. All right. So I don’t know how that sounds to you. It sounds pretty rough when I’m, when I’m looking at it now, negatives of continuing to do the exact same behavior as you’re doing right now would be maybe you get burnt out. Maybe you feel overextended, maybe you’re maybe you, you know, you’re, you continue to put yourself last with no time for yourself.

And then overall that has an impact on your overall health. You may be more susceptible to being sick. You may feel you know, anxiety, depression, any of those kinds of feelings in, in terms of your emotional health. And you may have a difficult time maintaining relationships because you just don’t have the capacity to give to other people because you’re, you know, because you’re barely giving to yourself, let alone to somebody else. You just don’t have that wherewithal at this point in time. So I want you to really think about what life looks like. If you continue to do the same thing that you’re doing right now, in terms of not taking care of yourself or prioritizing yourself much, you know, much less than you’d really want to, because there are some good things in there. Like again, like things will be the same, but there also are a lot of positive.

There’s also a lot of negatives in there. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again. So I just want you to think about that. Okay. And sit with that for a minute. And then I want you to start to think of how, what it would look like. If you start it to make self-care a priority, what are some of the, what are some of the negative things that are associated with? Like, so what are the barriers to that? Well, you might not be ready to prioritize yourself. You may not want to develop a new habit at this point in time. Maybe it takes more time or you think it takes more time because you haven’t done it in, it will require you to stop the hustle and bustle. And you, you know, you’re not ready to get off that wagon right now.

And so it’s really important to identify those barriers and really identify what it is. You’re thinking that you’re not making the change in order for you to get to a place that you can make the change if you want to do it. Cause it’s very different to be like, you know, to make an excuse. But if you’re not ready to prioritize yourself and you’re not ready to develop a, an, a new habit and you don’t want to take the time, well, that’s some things that you can really start to sift through and you can, you can make the decision that you don’t want to right now, but you know, but then you don’t have to use it as an excuse because you know why that you’re not ready. And then you can really start to challenge those beliefs. But I want you then to think about what would happen if you, you know, even though you maybe don’t have the time right now, and you don’t really want to make new habits, and maybe you’re not ready to prioritize yourself, but I want you to think about what would happen if you did do that, right?

If you just took two seconds or two minutes today and decided that you were going to take a deep breath in and take a deep breath out, and that was going to be what you do to prioritize yourself today, what does that look like? If you change the behavior and you do something for yourself, what are the positives in that maybe you will feel better and have improved health? Your sleep will be better. You will be able to have more feelings of contentment and improved self-confidence and self-esteem maybe you’ll just, you know, feel better about relationships in general, because you are giving the space to yourself first, before you’re giving it to everybody else. And then maybe your, you become really proud of yourself that you made yourself a priority this year, or right now that you’re making yourself a priority when, for your whole life, maybe you’ve never done that.

I really want you to sit with those changes. And when that looks like, and really start to figure out if that’s something that you want to do right now, if you’re tired of going through the hustle and bustle, and just really want to have a little bit of space, that you feel more connected to who you are, because with any health change in your mind, you’re probably going to have this, this, you know, like pros and cons lists of maybe not even consciously this pro and cons list of like, if you’re going to make the, the health related change that you want to eat now, or if you’re going to wait. And so either way, it’s fine, but it’s just owning it because in owning that statement that you want to do it right now, or you don’t, there’s some empowerment in that because you’re choosing not to do it, or you’re choosing to do it.

And that’s where the power is. And so it’s not like, you know, I can’t do it. I don’t have the time. If you own the decision, maybe you’re going to feel more comfortable in that. And then when you get to a place that you’re ready, then you’ll, you know, then you’ll make the change. And so, self-care like any, you know, health related behavior change is totally doable. You can start today, but it’s just making the decision that you want to start today. And that you’re ready to make yourself a priority. Self-Care is not an impossibility. It just takes taking one step today, tomorrow the next day, and just being consistent with it. And then over time, it will get a little bit easier. And, you know, over time, you’ll start to feel like you are making yourself a priority as you should make yourself a priority, because you are only one person and nobody is going to take care of you the way that you take care of yourself.

And, you know, and that’s a way of showing love to your body by, by doing something and by loving on it for all that it does for you, whether you’re a mom and you gave birth, or whether you are a single lady and just hustling and bustling, look at all that your body is doing to get you to do all the things that you do and achieve every day. And so, by taking some time for self-care, it’s going to really allow you to love on yourself and give back to yourself for all that your body has done for you. So I, you know, we’ll wrap up our episode on Thursday of just a conclusion of all and just putting together everything about self-care. And I really love doing the series, and I hope that you find some, you know, I just hope that you find some explanation and that you’re able to get to a place that you feel like you’re taking self-care a little bit more seriously than you did yesterday. And that can own, you know, even if it’s only 1% totally fine, it’s just that you’re making that space and time for yourself so that you get to a place that, you know, your value and that, you know, you’re important and that you’re doing things that bring you some joy. So I’ll see you back here on Thursday. If you want to join my free Facebook group, I love to have you there. And I will see you soon, have a good day guys, and do something awesome for yourself.

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