Dealing with low libido, crazy hormones, and inflammation? We talk all about female libido with Dana Irvine

TS: Hey ladies, welcome back to the show. So today we’re going to talk about libido. Yes. Libido. It’s going to be a fun episode. I have my friend Deena Irvine here, and Dina is the creator of the wise divine women podcast. So Dane, his goal is to help women through education, nutrition, and faith to reduce stress, inflammation, and balance hormones. So we’ll talk about that. We’ll talk about libido in this. We’ll talk about ways to help your liver libido. She talks about essential oils with your vagina, and she also talks about stress hormones and things like that. So you can find Deena on Instagram and her handle is Dana Irvine and she is wise divine women is her handle. Why is divine women and Dina Irvine? So all of our information is in there and then her and I will talk about some topics that are referenced. And so all of that stuff will be in the show notes for this episode. So it’s a fun episode. Come join us. Hi guys. So today on the show, we are going to speak to my friend, Tina, and we’re going to talk all about libido. So welcome to the show. Dana.

DI: Thank you for having me, Trisha. It’s very, very exciting to me.
TS: Well, thanks for coming on. I mean, it’s super fun to talk about libido. So when we were talking about with Beto, what exactly does that mean? Put like what comes to your mind?

DI: So when I’m talking to women about libido, it is about energy. It’s about self-confidence, it’s about understanding your body, respecting your, your body. It’s about tools and tricks that you can use. And it actually is a really true indicator of imbalance in your body, right? If your libido, well, if it’s high, if it’s high, God bless you. But that was in high school maybe, but actually now I kind of find menopause is kind of, if you’re on track and you’re going through menopause, like it’s chill beans, it’s good to go. Your libido should be like, boom, it’s there. It’s like high school again. But if it’s not
TS: One thing to look forward to with none of us, I know. Yeah. And no children in the house. Great, perfect.

DI: It’s a curb, but anyways, so libido, like what the hell is it? So it is your inner energy. It is your vitality. It is everything that makes you, you. Right. But it’s also a lot about sexuality and confidence, right? So cause we’ve we throw that term around like nothing, right? Oh, your libido this, Oh, you’re a little bit of that, but truly it’s about that inner confidence, that self building person you have inside of you, but also recognizing your inner self. What makes you, and also when I’m talking to clients, it’s, it’s also a really big indicator of health. So like if you’ve inflammation or hormone imbalance, and I could go on for it,

TS: But we’re going to talk all about that. So when you’re talking about a hormonal imbalance, are you saying, so you’re saying like it’s more, if your hormonal level is, or if your libido is well, then what, what could that indicate?

DI: Well, it can mean that two things you’re toxic, your hormones are changing. You’re filled with Xeno estrogens. There can be a drop as many women, you know, your ebb and flow, but you can drop in progesterone or you can drop an estrogen and that’s when you like, Oh, maybe I should go see my natural path and maybe I should go see my doctor and sort of indicate to him, I’ve had this weird drop in things, but they’ll probably say it’s, you’re a woman. You’re just going through things. But if you’re experiencing tender breasts alongside of a really low libido, like you’re no matter what doesn’t turn you on at all, then that’s a really indicator of an imbalance. And that’s a sure thing. You should probably talk to someone it’s not just because of your age. And it’s not just because of you’re a woman and whatever it’s, that’s BS.
DI: And it’s about that when I in like, so I met demographer as well. So when I look at women and I’m looking at the amount of stress that you can see cortisol, bacteria, toxins, you’re going to expect the body to pull up its boot somewhere else to help heal something else every elsewhere. So the same thing happens with men. If they have erectile dysfunction, same thing, low libido, erectile dysfunction for men and women. It’s usually an indicator that there’s something else going on in the body, right? So it’s a precursor for men for heart disease, sugar, and balance high inflammatory response to things. So that is usually an indicator. So

TS: When you talk about thermography.

DI: Thermography is an infrared image of the body medically, and to look at stress, imbalance patterns on the body, which can indicate disease or process, right? So it’s been around forever and it’s not to diagnose. It is just to show and it doesn’t replace mammography. It is a adjunctive mammography. Doesn’t tell you the health of your breasts, but it certainly tells you yes or no, or they get you on that path. So with now the moment mammogram, program’s being spaced out a bit more and the ages keying on to keep changing. And they here in Canada, they stop it at 70. They don’t start till 50 stop at seventies, kind of being spaced out a little bit. It’s a good way to look at things in between, right? So hormonal imbalance, low libido, low energy because your body is focused on other things like gut or

TS: It just like other information. It sounds like I would like of what is happening. Is that correct?

DI: Yeah. Let’s, you know, like gut teeth, dental, breast health, liver, health, spinal gate, nervous system, meridians, things like that. So,

TS: And when you talk about little libido, like, what are we talking about? Because I’m thinking of like the women here and they probably have like kids, maybe their kids are little and I’m sure the last time they feel like doing this, like having a quickie in the closet or wherever you have it. I mean, I don’t even know if he will do it in the closet. I mean, you’re probably just trying to do it wherever you can. You feel me? So like, what are we talking about? Like when you’re saying…
DI: Libido, okay. So low libido, let’s say that, never mind, that you’re exhausted and you have sleep deprivation. Never just take that aside. Let’s say legitimately, you’re taking your vitamins and, or you’re eating really well. And you honestly cannot get turned on. You are dry as a bone. You have no vaginal secretions. That’s uh, you’re really let’s say sleeplessness or excessive sleeplessness or excessive exhaustion. These are all sort of that. Okay. Something is awry and libido can be, you really are not in the mood. You have no sex drive at all.

TS: Is that weeks or months or years,

DI: If you’re going months or years go you’re with the wrong person perhaps. But I mean, that’s thing

TS: I’m thinking like, is it you’re talking months mine’s okay. So it’s not like this chronic.

DI: It’s not just like, I’m not in any mood. Right. But stress can impact that as well. Right. But take advantage and take them. If you’re not feeling it, let’s say your libido is low month to month and you’re just not feeling it. That’s a really good indicator that you girl have got to put the oxygen mask on and take care of yourself. If your husband can’t turn you on, then you need to learn how to do that on yourself. And that’s why, you know, with learning how to do your own self breast exams, you should also do your own vaginal exams as well. Right? Because there are vulva cancers. There’s all sorts of crazy. But if you’re using oils, so I love using, um, let’s say like the pedal passion Yoni serum from living libations. And I’ll give you that the link is in the link tree, that link that I gave you, there’s essential oils in that. And there are special oils as well, that help pH balance that help with acidity and help with rejuvenating the skin, right? And two, then the essential oils and all their wonderful greatness that they do can help rejuvenate dryness can help make the skin feel more appliable, things like that. But you would never know if you’re never touched yourself.
TS: It’s not just

DI: Meaning masturbation. No, it’s, it’s like actually seriously feeling the vulva feeling around and you’re looking in, and it’s a great, if you have vaginal wards or you have other, other lumps and bumps that you’re not sure of, no one’s ever going to tell you,

TS: How do you do so when you’re doing a breast exam,

DI: Breast exams, like [inaudible] or whatever do for bad denials,

TS: Are you like looking in the mirror and looking at your vagina can take your vagina, take it

DI: And do that. Absolutely good natural path would tell you or show you how to do that. So take the mirror honestly, and take a good look. That’s you. As the way you’re made this, God made you and if get, wear, and tear or delivering birth it’ll change. But I would have never recognized for myself that I had a varicose vein last term of my pregnancy and how, you know, unless I was down there going, what the heck? What the heck was that? And then how is that coming along? So I watched that right. To see if it’s still there, stress, weight, things like that. But you’re checking for a lumps or bumps or you’re checking for different textures. And if there’s no sensation, right? Like, you know how sometimes you can rub your feet and you’ll have no sensation there. Or sometimes someone touches a point on your back.
DI: And there’s absolutely no feeling, usually a nerve pinch. Well, it’s always good to check the vulva. You can just take your fingers and just check the vulva, things like that. And honestly, get to know yourself. If that’s something that you’re not familiar with is not disgusting or rude or sinful, you’re actually just understanding you and your understanding because sexuality is healthy, it’s a stress relief. It it’s so many great things. So if you’re not having that drive, then you need to realize that something’s awry with your hormones. That may mean investigating testing, replacing, eating certain foods. That is delicious succulent. But when it comes to libido, it’s a fourfold thing. It can be mentality. It can be a part of, and it’s not just like a quick fix, touch yourself. You’re good to go apply a serum. Maybe not. Maybe libido is a four-fold thing. It does affect mind.

DI: It’s understanding your body. So we’ve talked about that and all the food that you eat and makes things, your body balanced and it makes it alkaline. And so that’s good and all everything’s flowing as it should. But if in mentally, if you’ve got some mind blocks or some self-love issues or some confidence issues, or if you have trauma, then those are things that will impair your libido. So there’s a kind of that you need to address that as well and understand who you are as a, as a woman and such, and then nutrition wise. There’s so many great things you can eat for sexuality, chocolate and peppers and passion, fruit and or pup pie is really good like that. So there’s many things you can do to boost it and honestly cook naked in the kitchen. No, I’m just kidding. But cook together.

TS: You’re not kidding. I’m not kidding. I love that.

DI: So cook together and or eat at coterie board and have wine and savor things together, eat figs, dipped in honey. You have to lick your fingers and make things exciting. Right now you’ve got kids running around the house. That’s okay. Make things exciting. They don’t know what’s going on. Make a jacuzzi board, right? Eat food, have fun. Show that food is supposed to be pleasure even to your children. And then you’re going to work yourself up to a frenzy for when they all go to bed.

TS: Perfect. Wait. So when you were talking perfect world. Perfect. Yeah. Perfect world. But that’s, that’s the goal, right? So when you’re talking about like the hormones, how does hormones play a part in all of this? Cause I feel like it sounds like it would, right? Like in terms of, yeah.

DI: So let’s just say your adrenal glands, right? Your adrenal glands are, what’s giving you energy and they released cortisol stress. And so if you’re always stressed out, then you’re going to have that factor of things to affect that mentality and also affect your whole endocrine system, which then impairs your, your pituitary and hypothalamus. Right. And, but, and they are your sex, your they’re your drive, they’re your get up and go there, your everything, right. And then that affects the fibroid. Then the fibroid doesn’t give you energy. You’ll have weight gain. You can have hair loss, you could have all this with Jen, just spirals you out of self-confidence low estrogen can mean you lose vitality. You lose that energy. Same as progesterone. If you’re low in progesterone, you’re a little crazy. Progesterone is known as that. Keep calm and carry on. Estrogen gives you that the voluptuousness of yourself and, and such, but all of them have to work out a beautiful ebb and flow. And they all, it’s a beautiful symphony that allows you to then do that. But then testosterone also plays a role in that too. So working out, lifting weights, you know, eating food that boosts testosterone or herbs, those types of things cause women needed as well. And so that can also be part of a deficiency that I sort of have to rule out as well. So..
TS: And then are there lifestyle changes or like, or lifestyle factors can increase like your libido or tint or that contributes to making it worse or whatever?

DI: Yes. I’m sure it can because if you are, let’s say if you’re doing too many high intensity CrossFit or high intensity things that can tap out on your adrenals and that can be producing too much just off.

TS: So that would be like a low that would lower your level of like wanting to have sex or yeah.

DI: I, no, it just exhaust you. It would more of that adrenal exhaustion, right? It’s that fine line that can boost your libido because it’s more producing testosterone, right? It’s a fine line. Right. And, but if you are, adrenally exhausted, you’re not going to be doing anything. Your body’s going to be tapped out with too much cortisol, too much stress, too much inflammation. So there

TS: Are things that can make it better that can

DI: Make you well, you know, eating properly an anti-inflammatory diet to start off or, you know, a little cleanse to start off with is a good way to check, right? Reducing inflammation in your body. I believe a good start to take care of these hormonal imbalances. You can then eat for hormone health to help boost and detoxify and do those things and then incorporating better foods or Herb’s right. Like Salma pedal can help produce testosterone. You can be using essential oils. And that’s what I was looking up today. Again, I was looking at why these ingredients are in, you know, let’s say the vaginal oil, right. And this is why I was kind of like, Oh, that’s really cool. But like say a Hoba or Hoba helps purify, right? It’s B complex high. So then it helps to rejuvenate. And also has that as our form of vitamin E Rose essential oil is all about love, frequency about inner care and deep devotion. Right? Of course my favorite, the Lang Lang is all about that. Aphrodisiacs essential oils are beautiful and you can play around with them. You can diffuse them, you can apply them to your body, right? So let’s say Ling Lang is a really natural aphrodisiac. And it really brings out the balance of the delicate vaginal tissues. But

TS: Like, what are you doing with these oils? Are you putting [inaudible]

DI: Breast, vagina orally? So you have to pick the brand that you want. Living libations is a great company just to start with, because they have all of this. It’s all FDA regulated. It’s all health, Canada regulated. It’s all food grade. It’s all, all these things that they know you can put in your body on your body. Right. So, and they have so many fantastic serums, but same as doTERRA, like I’ve got the Lang Lang and it is amazing, but it’s, it’s interesting. You only need it. You’ll know when you need it. Have you ever played with essential oils before? You know, you, you would pick it up, you smell it. If it’s disgusting, it’s not what you need. Right. But if you need it, like I have women, I’ll have baby labeling on and I’ll have women from across the grocery store go, Oh, you have Lang Lang.

DI: And I’m like, Ooh, it looks like you need it. Yes. But these are really easy, easy things. Not if you have a huge, massive hormonal issue, then you need to talk to someone. Maybe you need to have a sex therapist, right. Or when, even if you let’s say you’re a figure skater or gymnastic do gymnastics and stuff like that, or soccer, and you have, or have fallen so many times and you have a tailbone issue or a pelvic floor issue, there are pelvic floor therapists across North America that can help you. And that can be even part of that nervous system response to the clitoris or even to the labia, things like that, that can hinder the feeling and the sexuality in that area. So there’s so many different levels to things, but you really have to do think of things, mind, body, soul, and nutrition, when you’re looking at even something as simple as just saying libido, because if your pelvic floor is, is out of balance, or you had a rough pregnancy that imbalance in the pelvic floor can really hinder the nervous system response even to the penis or to the clearest.
DI: So, yeah.

TS: Interesting. So we did earlier on, we have a public for a therapist on, and it’s interesting. So I guess what you’re saying is it’s, it really, it’s just what the ideology of, I guess it’s really what the cause of it, of your libido being low is. And I guess then you decide the treatment based on that.

DI: Right? Right. You just use, it’s kind of like journal, you should journal about these things and understand and research and look at things, not just food wise, but maybe tools and tricks that you can use and, or do you need to see a doctor, but the next time you go to see a doctor and your doctor or your practitioner, your functional medicine, whoever, this is an open conversation you need to have with them, Hey, what are my hormones? Like, I am not feeling a hundred percent. And these are conversations that you can have. And even with like, like you are I as a nutritionist and as a dietician, we know that the importance of diet for longevity and health is so important in every layer of your life.

TS: I think what’s important though, about libido is to talk a little bit about the stress that stress in life and how that affects the two. Can you talk a little bit about that? Because I think that’s what a lot of women do is like, everything’s great, but then they’re so stressed out and then it takes kind of a hit on everything. Yeah.

DI: So when we’re talking stress, we’re talking about this even. So it’s interesting, even with this COVID stress, but it’s for this pandemic stress a longterm, but the amount of stress that you’re holding in your body impacts blood sugar, heart, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, there’s so many cascading effects that stress causes to the body and it’s journaling about it and how you’re functioning and your, what time are you awake? And are you able to, are you crashing at three o’clock in the afternoon, these simple things, you just think it’s you journal about it and talk about it with your practitioners or someone like, like Tricia, because this is a really big indicator of how long-term stress is affecting the actual function of your body. So it’s like, we’re always running from the bear, that’s your, you know, the fight or flight. And that’s what that the adrenals and cortisol and, and all that fun stuff there.

DI: But we can’t, we’re not always running from the bear. We’re not always in that mode, but life around us applies the pressure. So then it’s remembering that too, how important it is to manage that. So meditation and prayer in the morning, taking that 15 minutes or five minutes before you open up your email and that’s what I’ve had to do. I’ve had to actually shut my phone down and set the alarm early. So I can just go and read and meditate and breathe, learning how to take deep breaths periodically throughout the day. So that you’re actually getting air in and full oxygen breath. And that also applies parasympathetic that calm me down rest, you know, mode throughout the day. And if you’ve got kids running around, you have to teach them that too. They are supposed to pause. You are supposed to do that, getting to the table and, and finding pleasure in all things you do.

DI: So yes, dinner could be crazy and yes, separate times can be nuts, but it’s, is it more important to sit down at the table, rest and digest and spend time with your family or run the kids off to hockey. It’s a tough choice. And sometimes you have to make it when you’re talking about crazy mind games and all these health effects that you’re feeling and your kids are feeling. The one thing I love do love talking about, especially when it comes to stress management and nutrition is to come to the table and take that time for five deep breaths. Everybody put the phone away, turn off TV, or put music on or something. But to remember, to take five deep breaths or say a prayer meditation before you actually eat your food so that your stomach has the opportunity to switch gears and say, Hey, I think I’m going to try and digest some food today.

DI: So that allows us to pause and digest right? Rest and digest before. And that’s, you know, a lot of times that’s what that whole prayer was before you ate. And many people don’t do that now, but take a breath, take five breaths, and then chew your dang food. Right? And I talked about that in that last program that I did. And I was like 30 times. I’m like, I don’t even know if I chew my food 30 times what you want to do. And it’s a, it’s a great little trick, chew your food for 30 times and then swallow or digest it. Then your body spends has more energy leftover from digesting food.
TS: Then you, you want more energy and you want

DI: More vitality. You want more libido, focus on chewing your food and breathing before you have dinner. And then that will give your body that leftover energy to actually do something else in the bedroom. Right? So, but stress management and for women, you know who, whoever your listeners are, seriously, oxygen mask first, your kids will be fine. Your husband’s findings a big boy, put your oxygen mask on first, take care of your health, take your vitamins, drink your water, massage your body, take time, massage your vagina, Tangier and dry brush your body and put oil on at night and or do the same thing. I always used to put lavender oil with the coconut oil and rub my kids feed at night to help them fall asleep. And then, so that’s something you spend special time with. And then you go into your own bed, do the thing yourself.

TS: I knew it was how many of us do that? Where we’re like, Oh my gosh, Keith. And we’re going to just give him up as a vendor. And we don’t even do it for herself. We have nothing for ourselves. Draw, draw,

DI: And take the time and drink the glass of wine. Just, I mean, not the bottle, but drink a glass of wine and relax and saver with eating psychology Institute. I did buy mind, body nutrition with, with Mark David. He was always that type of person to pause and reflect. And, and honestly, if you’re going to eat the chocolate, get the best chocolate that you can find it, but to have the glass of wine, drink the finest glass of wine that you can find because you’re worth it. And I think when we’re looking at our energy and our sexuality and our libido and stress and all that beautiful, delicious stuff, your worth it. So spend the time, focus, understand you and what makes you go. And honestly, once you get a better understanding of you and you’re healthier and you understand you have ebb and flow, you’re going to be all that in more for your husband and your family and your partners and all that you do.

DI: So it’s just about refilling the cup, grabbing all those beautiful tools that are available around the world and read and just love on yourself because we need it. It’s been a rough year and a half. So for sure, I agree. Vina, thank you so much. You’ve been, so it’s been such a joy to talk to you and to see like another reason my balance is so important and why like, just by like loving on ourselves, how important that is. Thank you. Thank you for asking me. And it’s always been such a pleasure chatting, so it’s lovely. Thank you so much. Thank you. Wow. Wasn’t that such a fun episode, Tina. Thanks so much. I know she added so much value on a topic that’s a little bit taboo and I know that it’s, it can be a little embarrassing for us to talk about. So if you want to find more information like that, head over to Instagram or, you know, download Dina’s podcast. So on Instagram, she is Dana Lee, Irvine, D a N a L E O vine. Or you can find her on her podcast, which is called wise divine women. You can find that wherever you download podcasts and then all of the news information is on there. And then any, if you have questions about anything that we talked about in the episode, you’re going to find that information in the show notes for this episode. Thanks so much for listening and I’ll see you guys back here next week.

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