Whole Health Balance Blueprint

12 Weeks to Behavior Change, Food Freedom, and Health Transformation





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Whole Health Balance Blueprint

The Whole Health Balance Blueprint: 12 weeks to behavior change, food freedom, and health transformation.

For women who are ready to hop off the rollercoaster ride of limited self-care, yo-yo dieting, striving for perfection, and putting themselves last.

Did you know that 8-10 years after giving birth, many women still carry  an extra 13-18 lbs from before they got pregnant? Sounds familiar right?

This program is for you if you are DONE with the the fad diet mentality and sick and tired of not loving the body you see in the mirror. If you are determined to reclaim your body, and confidence while stepping into who you were meant to be. You want to be armored with knowing that the foods you eat can make you feel your best, full of energy, and focused. 

So many of the choices you make regarding what you eat is linked to the mindset you have towards your body.  You eat emotionally because you are feeling badly about yourself or  your appearance.  You want to  start the healing journey of  loving your body for all the good it has provided to you. 

You wish you had the accountability to  actually make the transformation happen that you so badly desire and KNOW you can have.

Because you CAN and DESERVE to have it. 

What's included in the Program

  • Creating the Foundation
  • Discussing the Tools to Create the Foundation (no diet lifestyle tools)
  • Building Behavior Change
  • Planning Ahead
  • Meal prepping
  • Accountability Group
  • Building Behavior Change
  • Motivation
  • Getting back on track
  • Accountability Group
  • Food Freedom
  • Portion sizes
  • Good vs. bad foods
  • Failed Diets
  • Accountability Group
  • Food Freedom
  • Emotional Eating
  • Weekend Eating Mentality
  • Truth about the scale, ideal body weight, BMI
  • Health Transformation: Exercise
  • Finding and creating an exercise routine
  • Accountability Group
  • Health Transformation: Self-Care
  • How to make yourself a priority
  • Graduation/Wrap-Up/Next-Steps

Hey Mama! I'm Tricia!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 15 years of experience counseling and empowering others to achieve their health goals. Soon after my son was born, I lost that sense of empowerment and stopped making my health a priority.  I found myself trying to lose the baby weight while juggling a full time job, being a new mom, figuring out to stay active with an chronic injury, and depleted of any sense of prioritizing my self-care needs. 

I felt so frustrated! 

I knew what to do but was having a hard time doing it by myself. I needed CONSISTENCY, SUPPORT, and ACCOUNTABILITY to feel like I wasn’t alone and could actually make the changes I desperately desired.

Does this sound familiar?

Imagine if you were able to eat the foods you like without feeling guilty.

What if you had an exercise routine that fit into your schedule and you actually liked and felt motivated to do?

You felt ready to prioritize your energy again, to feel energetic and confident again

What if taking the step towards change every day became simpler? 

What are people saying about Tricia?

Thank you for giving practical tips to make ourselves better without having to seek perfection! Stephanie

I love how Tricia is intentional about calling out the lies we tell ourselves or beliefs we may have as she shares the truth. As a busy mom who’s just crossed the 40 mark so much of what Tricia shares is right on time for me or how I approach the health of my family. Tiffany

How often should I weigh myself while I am trying to lose weight

Why is this course different?

This is NOT a diet, but rather a life-style transformation. This experience will teach you the foundation of healthy behaviors individualized to what YOU need and the unique challenges you’ve experienced. It is personalized for you.

In this course, you will receive:

  • Trainings and bi-weekly group coaching calls by ME
  • Small group environment, with women who feel just like you do.

Is this program for me?

You want to learn routines and systems for behavior change 

You are constantly searching for ways to lose that extra weight because you always put yourself last

You are trying to find the time and space to fit in a work-out  but feel unmotivated to do it

You are ready to prioritize your energy again

You strive for progress over perfection

You are committed to doing the work, because let’s face it, at times it will feel like work 

This program is NOT for you if:

You want a quick fix! This is NOT a fad diet, but rather a lifestyle transformation

You are NOT ready to do the work necessary for change to occur

Alright already. How much does it cost?

$2000 value       Yours for only $697/3 payments of $250

Early Bird sign up for $100 off (ends Jan 16)

It will NEVER be this price again. There are 5 spots available, when they are gone they are gone!

Their are many programs out there that have trainings and coaching. These groups are typically large with limited access to the creator.  In this program you will have small group and trainings and coaching by me.

Because this is the first time I am launching this program, I am offering it to you at a very special and insane price as a THANK YOU for stepping up and joining us to create the whole health you desire and deserve. It will NEVER be this price again. If you thrive on accountability and want to have a registered dietitian in your pocket, THIS is the time to say YES to YOU!!! Let me help you walk through this journey.

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The Whole Health Balance Blueprint

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