Sessions are conducted by either video chat or telephone and is an alternative to face-to-face coaching. It’s a convenient and time-saving option for busy women trying to fit health into their already hectic lifestyle. The coaching process is the same as an in-person session but with the convenience of calling from home, work, or wherever you are able to get a few minutes of free time.

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Episode 8: How Do I Help and Challenge My Picky Eater, with Jenny Friedman

Special guest Jenny Friedman talks about how to help mom’s navigate picky eating. Our conversation includes how to identify a picky eater, ideas on expanding food choices, feeling less mom […]

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Episode 7: Bottling Up Feelings Can Derail Health Progress

This episodes talks about avoiding feelings, what that does to your health, and tips to manage emotions. Episode Resources:  Join the Free Facebook Community Download the 3 Ways to Eat […]

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How to start moving, recommendations and tips to get you started

Episode 6: How to Start Moving, Recommendations and Tips to Get You Started

In this episode, we talk about the health consequence of inactivity, benefits of physical activity and movement in children and adults, current recommendations, and realistic ways to get you started. […]

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Episode 5

Episode 5: All You Need to Know About Balancing Nutrition

Today’s episode will explore the topic of balanced nutrition, what it is, why it’s important, and tips to get you started. Episode Resources:  Join the Free Facebook Community Download the […]

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Episode 4: Self-care Doesn’t Have to be so Hard with Dr. Nancy Maguire

Today’s episode features Dr. Nancy Maguire, clinical psychologist, who discusses the topic of self-care. Dr. Maguire discusses what self-care is, how to do it, and easy strategies that you can […]

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Episode 3: Trifecta of a Healthy Mom

In this episode, we talk about the trifecta of a healthy mom: self-care, nutrition, and movement.  We define what they are, why they are important, and quick tips to get […]

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Episode 2: Let’s Let Go of Perfectionism

Today’s episode addresses the idea of perfectionism and “all or nothing thinking” that is often present when we begin our journey into wellness, health, and self-care. This episode talks about […]

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