Sessions are conducted by either video chat or telephone and is an alternative to face-to-face coaching. It’s a convenient and time-saving option for busy women trying to fit health into their already hectic lifestyle. The coaching process is the same as an in-person session but with the convenience of calling from home, work, or wherever you are able to get a few minutes of free time.

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Episode 15: Cultivating Gratitude during COVID, where do I start?

Episode 15: Cultivating Gratitude during COVID, Where do I Start?

Today, we are going to be spending time today talking about our mental health, gratitude. We will review how being grateful can help us navigate fear, loneliness, and overwhelm that […]

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Episode 14: 5 Health Hacks for Women in Their 40’s

In this episode, we discuss 5 health hacks for women in their 40’s. As we start to move through our 40’s, our bodies are starting to change. We may be […]

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Create a PLAN for your health with me!

Episode 13: Create a PLAN for Your Health with Me!

In today’s episode, we will chat about the necessary steps to creating a health plan that works for you. We will first talk about what behavior is important for you […]

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episode 12

Episode 12: Does Your Vagina Need Therapy?

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Lucinda Hayburn about the vagina, more specifically, the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor therapy. We talk about what pelvic floor therapy is, who […]

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Episode 11: Nine Ways to Start to Eat More Mindfully

This episode talks about mindful eating, mindless eating, and how to work towards getting into a mindset of being present- or mindful- during meals. Episode Resources:  Join the Free Facebook […]

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Episode 10: The Truth About Alcohol in Women

Let’s dig into the topic of alcohol use in women, how alcohol works differently in women, what is moderate consumption, and tips to decrease consumption. Episode Resources:  Join the Free […]

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Episode 9: Meal Prepping Made Easy: Strategies for Beginners

This episode talks about the importance of meal prepping, the meal planning process, and steps to get you started. Episode Resources:  Join the Free Facebook Community Download the 3 Ways […]

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Episode 8: How Do I Help and Challenge My Picky Eater, with Jenny Friedman

Special guest Jenny Friedman talks about how to help mom’s navigate picky eating. Our conversation includes how to identify a picky eater, ideas on expanding food choices, feeling less mom […]

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Episode 7: Bottling Up Feelings Can Derail Health Progress

This episodes talks about avoiding feelings, what that does to your health, and tips to manage emotions. Episode Resources:  Join the Free Facebook Community Download the 3 Ways to Eat […]

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